Animal Control

The City of Simonton is covered by Fort Bend County Animal Services and does not require an interlocal agreement.  If  Simonton residents are needing assistance with dogs, cats or small wildlife (raccoons, possums, armadillos and skunks) they can reach out to directly to Fort Bend County Animal Services for help. The main number is 281-342-1512.

While the city does have many animal ordinances, at this time there is not an Animal Control officer on staff. The Mayor may be designated as director, however there are no city vehicles or facilities for transport and/or impound of animals. A complaint may be submitted for violation of ordinance(s), and the complaint will be processed accordingly. Citations and fines will be assessed as appropriate, but as far as physical removal of animals, the city does not have the capacity to respond in that manner. Those requests are to be directed to Fort Bend County Animal Control.