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5.2.20 Election Notice to File Deadline
May 2020 Election Notice








Get out and VOTE!


Early Voting has begun and the closest polling location for Simonton residents is at the Irene Stern Community Center in Fulshear… address is 6920 Fulshear-Katy Road. The schedule is as follows:

  • 7am-7pm October 29th – November 2nd.
  • On Election Day, Simonton City Hall will be a polling place. You can place your vote any time between 7am-7pm on
  • Tuesday, November 6th.

Get out and VOTE!

May 5, 2018 Election Candidate Bios


Mayoral Candidate Bios

Candidate’s Name: Laurie Boudreaux
Office Seeking: Mayor 

Brief Introduction: City Council incumbent Laurie Boudreaux is running for Mayor of the City of Simonton. Mrs. Boudreaux has prepared for this position through many years of volunteering for the community, having served five years on the city council learning details of growth coming to Simonton. Additionally, she has 27years of corporate experience in business management and negotiations.

Credentials: Since 1994 Laurie has resided in and contributed to Simonton through volunteer neighborhood associations and committees including the Valley Lodge Property Owners Association, Simonton Beautification Committee, Boy Scouts of America, Lamar Consolidated ISD and Simonton City Council. Most recently Laurie is assisting the Danny Dietz Memorial Classic, benefiting the U.S. Navy Seal Foundation. Her spirit of helping the community thrive is even more important as the city prepares for significant growth and changes.

Served on Simonton City Council - 5 years

Participated in complex learning of plans and negotiated mutually beneficial development agreements with local property owner, Twinwood USA.

Served on Valley Lodge Property Owners Association - 5 years

Co-Founder of Simonton Beautification Committee - 12+ years

Sponsored and participated in 3 Boy Scout Eagle Projects - Simonton Monument Sign, Flags over Simonton and Valley Lodge Park restoration project

Sponsored 1 Girl Scout Silver Award Project - Little Lending Library at Simonton Post Office

Initiated and executed clean up and beautification projects at Simonton City Hall, Simonton Post Office, Valley Lodge and Holiday Decorations for businesses at the Simonton 4 corners intersection repeatedly over the years.

Ongoing projects like landscape at Simonton Post Office.

Served on Huggins Elementary Friends of Huggins Committees - 11 years

Volunteered at Briscoe Jr. High – 2 years

Volunteered at Foster High School- 2 years

Cub Scout Leader and Boy Scout Committee member over a 17-year span

Volunteer Coordinator at Danny Dietz Memorial Classic benefitting the Navy SEAL Foundation

1983 to 1996 Randall’s Supermarkets. From high school clerk to perishable innovation team and sales manager with experience leading crews of 50+.

1996 to present Sales Manager for Cargill, Inc. School bid manager, institutional bid team, field sales team manager, regional sales manager, division sales manager. Responsibilities include financial and marketing business management of one of Cargill Protein International’s top 5 customers.

Married to Houston Police Department Mounted Patrol Officer Brett for 25 years, Laurie is also the proud mom of two almost grown sons, Cole and Gage. “The gift of living in a small town with a community that celebrates each other’s milestones and supports neighbors during hardships, watches out for all kids, not only our own, and affords families the freedom to leave doors unlocked, send boys and girls down the street on bikes to knock on a buddies’ door and play outside all day is exactly why we have stayed in Simonton. Our sons greatly benefitted from growing up here and I hope to foster the very same behaviors when Simonton isn’t so small any longer.

“As my son and daughter-in-law Katie prepare for the next part of their life together I want to live where we buck the trend of isolation that can be so prevalent in booming cities these days. I would like to have another Welcome Committee to visit new neighbors and deliver a basket of cookies, phone directory, coupon for Ace Hardware and list of local service providers. I’d like more folks to receive a note about how courteous their kiddo was when dining at Ropers with their friends. I’d like to know a teen is calling a new mom to offer her a break with an hour of free babysitting. My goal is to nourish the small-town atmosphere, attitudes and values that enticed us to raise our children here, while managing the growth that is inevitable and will bring even more interesting adventures to us all.”

Personal Tidbit:“My most cherished award is from 9 outstanding young men who earned the highest award in Boy Scouting, Eagle Scout (You guys know who you are!). They made a point of letting me know they remembered the fun we had and challenging work we did together, starting in Cub Scouts. It hangs in a place of honor.” 

Laurie’s hobbies include cheering on our kids, nieces and nephews at their personal events, sightseeing in Texas’ state parks and across the USA in national parks and historic sites, junking at antique stores and fairs for treasures of all kinds and taking the time to appreciate the view of a just baled hay field.

Candidate’s Name: Art Myrick
Office Seeking: Mayor 

Brief Introduction: I am a 20 year resident of Simonton and Valley Lodge. My mission in this election is to first improve the lines of communication throughout the community, particularly the flow of information to our citizens. That might be digital or for those without that capability, the printed word. My goal for the community is to readily address the coming progress while maintaining a small town mentality. Less government is always better government. Informed citizens are always great citizens.

Credentials: I am a retired member of the United States Army, a retired teacher and Chairman of the Career and Technology Department at Katy High school, a former Simonton City council member and Mayor Pro Tempore, as well a member and past President of the Valley Lodge POA. I teach English as a second language at 2nd Baptist Church once a week. I am currently the Vice President of the BMW Motorcycle Club of Houston (300+ members strong). I am also a disabled veteran.

Personal Tidbit: My main interests these days are woodworking, computers, writing, and lately, learning new and interesting skills through flood damage repair. My most time-consuming hobby at the moment is riding my motorcycles.

City Council Candidate Bios

Candidate’s Name: Stacey Gootee
Office Seeking: Simonton City Council

Brief Introduction: I have lived in Simonton since 2003 and have no plans on moving. My husband and I are committed to staying and helping the City to grow and weather these trials we are all facing. We moved to Simonton because of the small-town atmosphere and the setting. I believe that with continued support from our area officials and planning we can continue to be a place where other families like mine choose to raise their children. This is a process and takes time, patience and commitment as well as an understanding of how our local government works within a larger system. Now that my children are older I find I have the time to dedicate to this area and as a part of this community feel compelled to serve in a larger capacity. Challenges and projects are something that I enjoy tackling and I do not give up. I find work arounds, work throughs and solutions because there is always a solution for any challenge that life throws at us. Some may see this as a naïve view, however I prefer to think of it as a progressive approach. I do believe that Simonton can and will come back from all that has happened. We have wonderful residents that have lived here for generations and that strength is what will sustain and maintain us.

Credentials: My background varies but at the heart of all I have done it always involved planning, teaching and organization. As a restaurant manager I was the area corporate fixer and went on to become training manager. As a fixer I went to our district restaurants and helped to streamline and organize the inner workings to aid in the overall productiveness. After having children, I became a teacher and implemented systems and curriculum in all of the schools at which I taught. When we moved here I stopped working and volunteered in my children’s schools and organized several fundraisers benefitting both the community as well as the school simultaneously. My goal was always to grow connections between the school and families because it is my belief that this connection is what helps our children succeed in school. When the need arose, I began serving on our own Emergency Management committee and have since been appointed to the Board. I also work for the City of Weston Lakes in their Emergency Management department. With the aid of others in our surrounding community I am working to create more training opportunities for area residents that are local and at more convenient times. I want to ensure that anyone that would like to be involved in our community has the opportunity to do so and has the necessary training available.

Personal Tidbit: My hobbies include reading and when the weather is nice I do enjoy working outside. This hasn’t been easy in the past couple of years but I am hopeful it will get better. I also enjoy being a grandmother.

Candidate’s Name: Jacob “Jake” Davis
Office Seeking: Simonton City Council

Brief Introduction: Simonton has been my “home” since 1989. I am a father of six and appreciate what our city has to offer my young family. My day to day life includes running a construction and remodeling company with my Bride. Growing up here, I have seen and can appreciate the value in community that Simonton has. As a resident, I want to keep this community a good and safe place to live and raise a family. I also want to keep a friendly attitude towards future growth and businesses coming to Simonton.

Credentials:In May 2017 I was elected to serve as city councilman for one year. It has been a good experience understanding how our city works and trying to help our community recover from two disasters. As councilman and a resident I plan to keep civil infrastructure, roads, drainage, etc. as a top priority for us as a city to spend our money on.  Thank you for your consideration.

Candidate’s Name: Shae Butts
Office Seeking: Simonton City Council

Brief Introduction: I am a 23-year resident of Valley Lodge. We left big city problems for a small town feel to raise our youngest daughter. A place where people wave when passing, neighbors watch out for each other, and the community comes together to celebrate life. I love this neighborhood and this city. My mission is to be an ear and a voice for the citizens. I am an excellent communicator, and I will bring your needs before the Council and keep the lines of communication open so everyone is more informed. More so, I encourage us all to become active members of the community by attending Council Meetings. You will be surprised how much you will learn there!

Credentials: I currently serve the City of Simonton Drainage Committee. This committee formed to make recommendations to City Council on the series scheduling the greatest impact improvement to our drainage systems; and make the most effective use of the Engineering Drainage Study results. My background in commercial construction helped me to provide valuable input on these issues.

I have taken online education courses for (EOC) the emergency operations committee and plan to continue.

I Served 2 1/2 Terms on the VLPOA beginning in the late 90’s. I rallied for the deed restriction changes to Sections II and III, preventing the building of small tract homes, which was the trend at that time and would have lowered property values. The destruction of our roads, due to the trend of tract home buildouts; prompted my family and many other of our residents to donate a monetary cash gift, in an effort to make repairs to the roads in our beloved community.

I headed the Park Committee’s very first Fourth of July Parade and Party at the Park with the guidance of Jean Gammill (and for many years after), which grew into a traditional annual event. Those were times before our beautiful covered facility; instead we rented tents, tables and chairs for the events.

For those who remember; some special projects I led were the Wagon Wheels mounted to our old VL signs, the roof replacement of those signs (one of which is now proudly located in our park), the planters beneath the signs, the commission of the replacement of the old white billboard Simonton sign at the Post Office; as well as the encased bulletin board. In addition, I worked on the committee to purchase the first playground equipment at our park, a volley ball court, and a crushed granite running path, now obsolete.

I assisted the editor in the quarterly Valley Lodge Publication for 10 years, writing the Horse Chat column and reporting on neighborhood events and other equestrian related programs where our neighborhood friends and children were exhibiting.

I spent 32 years as an accountant in the Commercial Construction Management Industry. Tiring of the commute I made the switch 7 years ago to the Industrial world. I am a Production Accounting Specialist for the Sealy Box Plant. If you received those Pink Zebra boxes after the 2016 flood delivered to the Red Potato market, you’re welcome! J

I am a Management leader and the Team Building Coach at my work site. I teach and encourage leadership and teamwork which results in engaged employees. I am also record keeping champion for my facility, payroll manager, and accounting controls expert.

Personal Tidbit:I was both an exhibitor, as well as served a 17-year tenure on the Gulf Coast Welsh Pony Association Board of directors. I have bred, trained, and shown horses (Halter, Riding, and Carriage driving); specifically, Welsh Ponies for over 20 years.

Very invested in my Church, GCF West Houston and GMI Ministries, I currently serve on the First Impressions Ministry, as well as teaching Sunday school rotation to students in grades 4-6.

I served 3 years as a Girl Scout Leader for the San Jacinto Girl Scouts in both juniors and Cadets, teaching girls Leadership skills. I was very involved in Terry High School Rangerettes, Choir, and FFA, with my child raising and exhibiting lambs at Fort Bend County Fair grounds

I am a Motorcycle enthusiast! I grew up riding with my entire family until I married.  When my husband passed away in 2007, I took it up again. Most of you have seen me riding my husband’s Harley Davidson, which is a 21-year-old Heritage Classic, and I am proud to honor him this way.

I am also a grandmother of three amazing kiddos and very proud of them and all they accomplish!

Whatever I do, I am engaged 150%! I work in excellence. Equipped with the leadership skills to serve this community, I am looking forward to working with you and for you!

Results of Drawing of Names for Place on Ballot


Results of Drawing of Names for Place on Ballot FEBRUARY 26, 2018

Notice of Drawing for Place on Ballot for May 5th Election


To see the complete Notice, Click Here.

Application to File to Run for Office in the May 5, 2018 Election Available Starting Wednesday, January 17


Interested in Running for Office?


Running for office is just one of the many opportunities to make a difference in your community!

Pick up your Applications starting next WEDNESDAY JANUARY 17 to file to run for Mayor as well as 2 City Council positions in the May 5, 2018 Election.

*You can only file to run for office until Friday, February 16th at 5pm, so don’t wait!

City Council meetings are held the 3rd Tuesday of each month at 6:30pm at City Hall.

It is a relatively small time commitment for a chance to make a large impact on the future of your community!

Click here for more information on the roles and responsibilities of officers of a general law city.

Notice of Deadline to File Applications for Place on Ballot


To see the Notice of Deadline to File Applications for Place on Ballot for the May 5, 2018 Election, please click here.


To elect the following:

  • One (1) Mayor
  • Two (2) Alderman (Council Members)

If you are interested in seeking one of the positions, please visit the office of the City Secretary, Erica Molina between the hours 8am-5pm Monday through Thursday or Friday 8am-12pm.

Qualifications as follows:

  • United States citizenship
  • Texas resident for at least 12 months as of the deadline for filing for the office;
  • City Resident for at least 6 months preceding election day;
  • 18 years of age or older upon the commencement of the term to be filled at the election;
  • Not have been convicted of a felony for which he or she has not been pardoned or otherwise released from the resulting disabilities;
  • Not have been deemed mentally incompetent by a final judgment of a court

This election will be held on Saturday, May 5, 2018. Early Voting will be two weeks prior and those dates will be announced later. To file an application, please pick up a packet at the City Secretary’s office located at City Hall, 35011 FM 1093, Simonton, Texas.

The first day to file an application for place on the ballot is January 17, 2018. The last day to file an application for place on the ballot is February 16, 2018 by 5:00 p.m.

If you have any other questions regarding the General Election for the City of Simonton, please feel free to contact City Secretary at 281-533-9809.